7 Key Aspects To Choose Your Accounting Firm

7 Key Aspects To Choose Your Accounting Firm

By admin , 20 de July de 2022

An accountant is much more than a bookkeeper who prepares your financial statements. An accountant is a tax expert who can help you with annual tax preparation and use their knowledge of tax laws to help maximize your deductions all year long.

A good accountant can do more than help with filing taxes every year. Finding a good accountant can help guide your business through ever-changing tax laws and circumstances to grow in the best, most cost-effective ways.

A good accounting team can guide you on whether to choose cash basis or accrual accounting depending on your business and can help you explore the possibilities of incorporation or new commercial space. Expertise like this can save you time and money while you grow your business.

Every move you make as a business owner impacts your taxes and what you’ll end up owing the government. A good accountant on your side can help you clean up your books and guide your decisions on purchases, sales, and planning for the future.

So, what are the aspects that you should take into account when hiring an accounting firm?

  1. Know the Business Specialties of the Firm:

Accountants generally specialize in a few business areas in order to offer clients better service.

  1. Certification

Make sure that the accounting firm you are interested in hiring has certification in some accounting software, such as quickbooks online.

  1. Level of Service

If you need complete bookkeeping services, look for a full-service accounting firm that employs bookkeepers who handle day-to-day client transactions.

  1. Availability

Some clients are content to meet with their accounting firm once a year for tax-filing purposes. Others clients have frequent business questions that require timely answers. Find out if your team of accountants is just a phone call away or if you’ll need to schedule a specific time to meet with them.

  1. Personal Connection

You can hire the highest-priced accounting firm in town, but if you don’t feel comfortable discussing your finances, you aren’t getting the service you need.

  1. Audit Support

When the Internal Revenue Service comes knocking, it’s reassuring to know that your accountant will be right by your side. IRS audits are a way of life for some small-business owners and individual taxpayers, but facing an audit is a stressful situation.

  1. References

Old-fashioned word-of-mouth is as valuable a reference today as it ever was. Talk to friends or business associates to find out what accounting firm they use and if they would recommend it to others.



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